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Apple Shares Hit an All-Time High

On the heels of the iPhone 4S release, Apple’s stock rose 3.3 percent today to close at $422 a share. The Cupertino company is now worth $391 billion, passing once again Exxon as the world’s m…

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IBM Is Now More Valuable Than Microsoft

For the first time since 1996, IBM’s market value now exceeds that of Microsoft. IBM jumped past Microsoft to become the world’s second most valuable tech company behind #1 Apple. More&nbs…

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Apple Closes Above Exxon as the World’s Most (Quantitatively) Valuable Company

At the close of trading today, Apple’s total market cap sits at an impressive $337.17 billion versus Exxon Mobil’s $330.77 billion. That being said your money is probably still safer in oil futures. [MacRumors] More &raq…

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