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Apple Could Build Its Products in the U.S. and Still Make Tons of Cash

You know how Apple makes most of its gear in far-off lands where the people that build them make shamefully little? We always assumed that it had to be like that for Apple to run a successful b…

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Rick Santorum Woos Voters with Apple-Inspired 1984 Ad

Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad is incredible. I still get the shivers every time I see it, which is probably why Rick Santorum’s campaign is trying to use it to rally the people against Mitt Romne…

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Four Surprises from the Steve Jobs FBI File

Gawker has unearthed Steve Jobs’ FBI file for us all to lay eyes on. Contained within are things most of us knew (or at least suspected). He had enemies? Duh. Drugs? Of course! But there are a …

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This Is Obama’s 2012 State of the Future

John Kerry showed up to last night’s State of the Union address with two black eyes and a broken nose, but that wasn’t the only thrilling moment—Obama had technology on the brain. Here’s …

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Who Is Steve Jobs?

Anil Dash brilliantly arguing against the “falsehood that liberal values are somehow in contradiction with business success,” describing the leader of the most valuable technology company in t…

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