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Conan Screwed Up His iOS 7 Upgrade By Trying to Do It on an iPhone 3GS

When iOS 7 launched, Conan showed us all how to go about installing it. But as one eagle-eyed viewer has since pointed out, he screwed up big time—by trying to install the OS on an iPhone 3GS, which doesn’t even support it.Read more…

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RIP: iPhone 3GS

So long, iPhone 3GS. Apple has confirmed to AllThingsD that the 3GS will be discontinued, replaced as Apple’s low end, free-on-contract by the iPhone 4. Goodbye, old friend! More &raquo…

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How to Run Your iPhone 4S on T-Mobile (Update 2)

Michael Capozzi claims he has found a way to unlock the iPhone 4S without using any hardware or software. This video shows a demonstration of his method. It has not been confirmed by us or an…

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