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Kodak has finally sold off the last bits…

Kodak has finally sold off the last bits of patent meat from its carcass, for $525 million, to Apple and Google. More »

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Apple and Google Are Reportedly Joining Forces To Buy $500 Million of Kodak Patents

It’s not often that you hear that Apple and Google—both fighting for utter smartphone dominance—have teamed up on anything, but reports from Bloomberg say it’s the case. And they’r…

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Apple Barred from Beating Kodak’s Dead Horse

Apple has been pursuing a patent lawsuit against Kodak over the rights to its LCD screen previews used in its digital cameras, printers and digital picture frames. But with Kodak in Chapter 11,…

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Kodak Goes Belly Up and Files for Chapter 11

Despite its recent strategy of “sue everybody for everything,” Kodak has succumb to its financial pressures and filed for Chapter 11 business reorganization in New York. The iconic photography …

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Flailing Kodak Throws Patent Punches Apple’s Way

There aren’t many details available yet, but Bloomberg is reporting that Kodak is suing Apple over four patent claims. Is it a last ditch effort for the near-bankrupt company to keep its head a…

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