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Samsung’s First Galaxy Gear Spot Looks a Whole Lot Like an iPhone Ad

Sure, tech ads repeat the same tropes over and over and over. But as The Week points out, Samsung’s first ad for Galaxy Gear is strikingly similar to Apple’s first ad for the iPhone. Read more…

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6 Tech Company Slogans That Mattered

Intel’s always been a bit of a brand machine—remember the "Intel Inside" stickers?—and on Tuesday it upheld that tradition. In a pivot from the sort of stodgy "Sponsors of Tomorrow" slogan, the company is going with the hacker-f…

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Haha, Microsoft Uses Siri to Make Fun of the iPad in a Commercial

Microsoft, which has been trying to force Windows Phone into the Android and iPhone conversation in its recent commercials, is going head on against Apple in its latest spot. That’s not surprising (as Samsung loves to pick at Cupertino all the time), …

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What If Buying Hard Cider Was Like Buying an Apple Product

Somersby Cider in the UK created a cheeky commercial that pokes fun of Apple product launches by imagining a world where buying hard cider is like getting a new iPhone. The Genius Bar would be…

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