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Samsung’s First Galaxy Gear Spot Looks a Whole Lot Like an iPhone Ad

Sure, tech ads repeat the same tropes over and over and over. But as The Week points out, Samsung’s first ad for Galaxy Gear is strikingly similar to Apple’s first ad for the iPhone. Read more…

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17 Reasons Smartwatches Won’t Work (Yet)

The cascade of smartwatch rumors—be they iWatch, Surface, or other—increases daily. By this point, smartwatches of every shape and stripe seem inevitable. But there are so, so many reasons why they shouldn’t happen. Not any time soon, at least.Read…

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An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

We’ve got just about as much (or really as little) information about Apple’s fabled iWatch as we ever have, but it never stops being fun to fantasize a little. This latest concept whipped up by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best—and most A…

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