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Apple Patent Could Bring TouchID to iPads and Macs

The next generation of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets could be opened with a scan of a fingerprint (or nipple-print, or toe-print , or sausage-print), as Apple’s TouchID patent looks ready to cover a wider range of the Cupertino firm’s products.R…

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WSJ: The New iPhone Will Include a Fingerprint Scanner

Ahead of today’s big Apple event, the Wall Street Journal is reaffirming rumors that the more expensive of the two phones to be announced will feature fingerprint scanning technology.Read more…

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The iPhone 5S Home Button Ring Could Look Like HAL 2013

While it seems pretty certain that the next iPhone will come with a fingerprint scanner, what it will look like remains an open question. A "silver ring" around the home button (see below) is the prevailing theory; our friend Martin Hajek has…

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