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Where to Watch Today’s Apple iPad Event Livestream

No need to sit at home biting your nails come 1PM EDT/10AM PDT, because Apple’s given us an nice little surprise in the form of a livestream for today’s big iPad unveiling.Read more…

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Our New iPad Liveblog Starts Right Now

Welcome friends! In just a few short minutes, Apple’s going to take the wrapping off of its updated iPad and iPad mini, along with a few other surprises. We’re covering it all live, right here. Join us!Read more…

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Apple Will Announce the New iPads on Oct. 22nd

As was foretold by the ancients, Apple will hold its holiday iPad jamboree on October 22nd. We’ll see some new tablets, sure. But there also might be a trove of other odds and ends awaiting us next week.Read more…

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