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Turn Your Old iPhone into a Wireless Music System

Attention, Mac people who just bought or are about to receive a new iPhone. If your old iPhone is still fairly new, you don’t have any kids yammering for an iPod Touch (that you want to give them), and you have no other reason to keep it, you should …

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How to Fix Your iPhone 5’s Crappy Wi-Fi

The iPhone 5 is pretty good, and for most folks, its Wi-Fi is actually very good. It was in our tests. But a lot of people have been reporting in that the Wi-Fi is actually awful, and can’t hol…

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Skype WiFi Gets Your iPhone Online at a Million Hotspots

Skype just rolled out Skype WiFi, the new name for its Skype Access hotspot plan, to iOS devices. The app lets you get online at more than a million hotspots, and pay for it on a per-minute basis. More »

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Do Time Capsule and Airport Shortages Mean WWDC Refreshes Likely?

The word from Apple is that WWDC is going to be a softwarepalooza, no iDevices invited. But what if some of Apple’s hardware is integral to its iCloud strategy? Like, say, Airport Extreme, Air…

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Did the Last iOS Update Break Wi-Fi?

iPad users who remember the device’s prior problems with wireless connectivity might be extra-startled by this one—many on Apple’s discussion boards are claiming the issue’s back after the last OS update. More &raq…

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