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"I’m the Actor Who Provided the Voice for Siri"

Siri has provided iPhone users around the planet with everything from weather forecasts to restaurant reviews, whilst fending off dumb-ass questions along the way. But if you ever wondered who whispered all those sweet nothings, here’s your answer.Rea…

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Siri vs. Android: Which Is Better at Understanding Voice Commands?

Motorola created a bit of a stir yesterday when it released a video compared Android’s Voice Actions on the Atrix 2 with iOS’s Siri on an iPhone 4S. Fanboys screamed foul in the comments, so w…

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Here’s How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV

Nuance, the amazing voice recognition technology behind Siri and other voice recognition software on phones, has announced that they’ll be bringing their voice tech to TVs now with Dragon TV. B…

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Latest Apple Voice Patent Could Make the iPhone Nearly Hands-Free

Apple iPhone voice command technology rumors are nothing new, but a new patent uncovered over at CNET borders on Star Trek LCARS computer-level complexity. Want to play a track with four stars…

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Dragon Go! Brings Voice Search to the iPhone

Dragon Go! is a new mobile app that brings Nuance-quality voice search to the iPhone. You can search Google, Wikipedia, Yelp, YouTube and more without typing a single letter on your keyboard. …

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Is Siri-Powered Voice Control Coming to iOS 5 This Fall?

Apple fans pleased with the changes in iOS 5 will be happy to discover voice control may soon land in their favorite mobile OS, too. More »

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