Beware of Mac Protector or Mac Defender scams

There is a new spy-ware program that targets the Mac OS.  Once the program is running it pretends to scan your hard-drive  and states that you have numerous infections.  It requires you to purchase a “Full License” to remove the infections.  Your machine is not infected by any virus.  The goal is to get you to type in your credit card info to purchase the Fake software.

The software embeds itself into your login items and keeps restarting even if you delete the application from your machine.

To help prevent this malware from installing on your machine make sure that the  Open “Safe” files after downloading is NOT checked in the Safari Preferences (under the General Tab)

If you have this issue, we can help you remove it from your machine.

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  1. Need to remove mac protector!

    • Apple Will be releasing a detailed set of instructions on how to remove this from your Mac. The quick instructions are:
      1) Close the Mac Protector window on your screen.
      2) In the finder go to UTILITIES in the APPLICATIONS folder.
      3)Locate and run the ACTIVITY MONITOR Application
      4) find MacProtector Application in the list.
      5) select ” Quit Process ”
      6) Go To Applications folder – find Mac Protector Application
      7) Drag to Trash
      8) Go to System Preferences
      9) Select Accounts
      10) highlight your account
      11) Select LOGIN ITEMS
      12) Select Mac Protector
      13) Select the Minus sign
      14) restart your Mac
      15) Open Safari go to Preferences
      16) In the GENERAL TAB make sure the Open Safe files after downloading is UNCHECKED.

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